Haggy Rock
Lyrics / composition / arrangement
Haggy Rock has grown up listening to various kinds of music from his early years. He started playing the guitar at the age of fifteen and went on to learn musical foundation at a guitar school. During his high school days, he gained experience with all kinds of musical instruments, such as bass, drums, piano as well as programming and spent all his money to collect them. He is engaged in not only composing but also various kinds of musical production, including creating product concepts and vocal direction. He exerts every effort to compose music that can bring out the attractions of artists and pieces of work. His specialty is a sound that combines the essence of rock music with that of popular music, and he has a reputation for composing a universal, catchy melody that is unaffected by trends.

His major works are: Asaka, Inori Minase, May’n, Yui Ogura